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Dec 9, 2013 7:00am EST
, and nixon was forced to resign. obama will be just the 14th president to have served eight years when he gets through his second term. but it's the second term curse. would we be sitting here talking in this way about kennedy if he had had a second term? i doubt it. he would have been a significant president but he would have also run into difficulty. what would you do about vietnam? it would depend the usual second term difficulties in the sense he was a lame duck. obama is struggling now i think it's no secret to say that, and i think kennedy would've struggled, too, in a second term. of course, we will never know. this is all pure speculation but kennedy of course games -- comes down to us now, it's an open book. you can write anything on it you want because he was martyred, killed at the age of 46, only 1000 days in the white house. he would've found he had a sense of the ironic. he would've found, had seen the irony in the fact that his early death date him this enduring hold on the public. and it's fascinating to me because mckinley was assassinated in 1901. popular preside
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1